Monday, November 6, 2017


“Share the Warmth" has been initiated under the Project of Community Outreach Program (COP) of SHAPES (Society for Health and Psychology Enabled Services ). The objective of the project is  "No death due to clothes". The clothes are the first shelter of human lives when they civilized. The old used clothes will save many homeless and deprived people's life who stay on the street. In crunching winter season, in Delhi NCR  and various other parts of India, many people die in foggy winter nights because of clothes.  

Season is changing and your clothes from last year may not fit. If you notice clothes piling up in your family’s closets and you’re looking for a way to help the less fortunate. Therefore,  donating clothes could be a super-easy start. Throughout the year, we collect all kinds of summer and winter clothes for children and adults at our Greater  Noida (west ) center.

A small gesture of yours will be a boon for poverty-stricken, deprived people to stay happy during the scratchy summer/winter season. So, show your generosity, and help us to collect as many as clothes to keep the deprived ones comfortable in winters.  “Donate old clothes to save life and no death causes of clothes”.  

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Coming Soon... National workshop on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy : Clincal Practice & Applications

Psychologists are working day & night together making decision to take care of every mind. Ideally, such decisions are based on regular practice of knowledge, skills, ability and assessment techniques to be used appropriately on the clients. The more accurate the decision, the more effective would be the therapy and therapeutic outcome.
For psychology as a profession, needs to develop the real progress. It is important for psychologist or therapist to prowess the methods they employ. The impact of therapy      depends upon    the appropriateness and rigor of the practice and appropriate method chosen. Amongst different Psychotherapies the most appropriate method to take care of ill mind is CBT. There is a serious need for understanding the fundamental concepts of CBT and at the same time to get updated on merging clinical tools and techniques for practice in our daily clinical setting.
The two day workshop on CBT is designed keeping in mind the felt need among the young and budding professional to refresh, update the fundamental concepts in CBT and make use of available hands of useful knowledge as a competency tool.  The trainer and experts are having minimum 4-5 years and above experience in the particular CBT field.
  1.   Enabling the therapeutic tools & techniques more equipped in recent advance times. 
  2.   Enhance conceptual knowledge and framework
  3.   Refresh the fundamental  concepts of CBT; address the problems of practicing it.
  4.   Enable students’ practitioners to develop better therapists
  5.   Train professionals & students to draw better skills and knowledge from the workshop.
  6.   Help practitioners   to use effective techniques in daily clinical setting and non clinical setting.

For Two Days
  1. Frame work of CBT & How to apply standardized CBT format in Clinical and non clinical setting.
  2. Techniques & its Applications in Clinical setting& Workplace
  3. Identify with different clinical illness, day to day life situations and its wide application
  4. Scope & Challenges of CBT used in clinical setting & non-clinical setting    
  5. Specific skill associated with CBT
What do you get out of this workshop?
    1. Standardized format of using CBT 
    2. Develop your professional acumen
    3. In depth understanding & practical use  of CBT
    4. Clarity among used CBT & others Psychotherapy
    5. Understanding the role of therapist & its challenges
    6. Learning effective skills of Applying CBT
Interactive   discussion ,experience sharing, display video,  role plays, case study  & experiential activities are designed  during session.

 Students ,Academicians,   Professionals /Practitioner, Development Facilitators
Coming soon...
FOSTIIMA B-School,75-76, Amrit Nagar, South Extension Part-1 ,New Delhi-110003 

 The registration  fees  should directly deposit through NEFT/ Cheque/Cash/DD in favor of “Society for Health and  Psychology Enabled Services”, payable at New Delhi at nearest Indian Bank AC no: 867987352, IFSC Code: IDIB000J029, MICR Code: 110019041, Bank Address: Jamia Milia Islamia University, Okhla Road, Jamia Nagar, and New Delhi 110025. Send filled Registration Form along with receipt through email ( / as earliest as possible. After receiving  your  registration fees and filled registration form, the registration will be confirmed. The registration form can be downloaded from our website(    

   Registration Fee: INR 2500 /-  students 
                              INR 3000 professionals
 Early bird Registration: ( Before/On ) : 
INR 2000/-  for students  and  INR 2500/- for Professional 

For Registration  Contact  : +91-8010821440, +91-7838045806

Email : /

 Registration Guidelines &Rules:
  • If in any circumstance the workshop schedule/venue is changed /postponed, we will inform you by mail/phone immediately.
  • If in any circumstance the workshop is cancelled, then 100% registration fee will be refunded to you in time (within 15 days).
  • Total no of seats for this workshop are 30-40 if in any circumstance 100% seats are not filled up, then workshop will be postponed and rescheduled.
  •  If you are not able to  attend the workshop due to any circumstances , kindly intimate us before five days. Otherwise, registration fee will be not refunded but you can  attend the same workshop will be held in next time.
  • On spot registration will not be entertained. The registration will be closed before 7 days of the workshop.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stress Management& Well-being

Why You Should Attend This Course:
 Changing preference of life-styles, technological advances, and a very intensely competitive business environment, have created tremendous tension for all of us. We are rarely get a chance to stop and do anything other than mind-race about our "to-do" list or worry about the things  we didn't get done. Less structured and information-driven workplace, our daily dilemma is that we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. With critical deadlines, competing and/or changing priorities and sudden large amount of information to digest, individuals often feel overwhelmed if not stressed. Being able to manage time & stress effectively is basic to managing individual and organizational performance is an important issues to look after. 
 With the fast pace of life in the modern world, we are all feeling burnt out as stress is slowly, but surely, taking its toll. No executive or company can afford to ignore the effects of stress. Stress affects decision making, interpersonal relations, the quality of work, and the level of productivity.
    Purpose: To learn practical skills to identify stressors and utilize resources to manage stress   
    Objectives: This workshop will give you the tools to effectively:
  1.  Identify stressors
  2. Place stressors in categories: internal & external 
  3. Identify stress management resources 
  4.  Manage stress and maintain control
   Course Outline : Stress Management & Creating Work-Life Balance
  1. Why are we so stressed out?
  2. What is modern-day stress
  3. Effects of stress 
  4. Reactions to stress 
  5. Identifying your stressors
  6. Gaining control and managing stress positively: identifying the steps to achieve a healthy balance in  your life
  7. Stress Management Resources: People and Time
  8. Better time management: Understanding the essence of time management and handing Stress
  9. Other techniques of stress management 
Benefits from the Course: 
  1.     Participants in this workshop will develop their skills to identify & understand personal causes of stress and cope with stressors in their professional life and at home. 
  2.    Apply some of the principles of time management to increase productivity on the job and at home, and enhance the quality of work with less stress.
Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who wish to get more out of stress free  life and get more done in the time they have available. 
This program is highly interactive, participative and experiential. The workshop takes place in an enthusiastic, warm and inspiring atmosphere using the most appropriate and interesting methods of training includes with experiential learning, role plays, games, story, video clips and group exercises etc. 
Duration: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm    
Every month Last Sunday. 


  You can directly deposit through internet banking, Cheque/Cash/DD in favor of “Society for Health & Psychology Enabled Services”, payable at New Delhi at nearest Indian Bank AC no: 867987352, IFSC Code: IDIB000J029, MICR Code: 110019041, Bank Address: Jamia Milia Islamia University, Okhla Road, Jamia Nagar, and New Delhi 110025. Send duly filled Registration Form along with payment receipt through email ( postal at our project office address,. After getting the Cheque/ DD/cash, your registration will be confirmed. Late entry will not be accepted. Intimation about the participation should be sent by E-mail as early as possible. 
Registration Fee: INR 500 /- per participant    On-spot Registration : INR 800/-
Contact us: +91-8010821440,  +91 -7838045806  
Email: /

Monday, November 26, 2012

Communication Skills & Personality Development SESSION-II (May,2014 to July,2014)

Certificate Course on  Communication Skills & Personality Development 
The key to success & excellence 
Why You Should Attend This Course:
Personality is considered as the "Brand Image" of an individual. In simple terms it is made up of three aspects namely: Character, Behavior and Attitude. Personality Development is the enhancement of behavior, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, attitude towards life and ethics constituting the presentation of self. Character can be considered the basic factor in determining individual's personality. Personality is like a building. Just as a building can exist only when it has a strong foundation, a personality can impress others only when it has a formidable basis. And the strong foundation is supplied by character and behavior. If personality is developed on the solid base of values and ethics, it will last forever. Fake smiles and mannerisms may attract others for a comparatively short period. However they are short-lived and does not help in shaping one's personality.
Similarly, communication skills are most important aspects of personality of individuals. Regardless of the size of one’s organization – whether it's a large corporation, a small company, or even a home-based business – one needs good communication skills if one want to succeed. By effective communication we mean getting one’s message’s across, by expressing one’s thoughts and ideas effectively.
In spite of the increasing importance laid on communication skills, many individuals continue to struggle with the inability to communicate effectively, expressing their thoughts and ideas clearly – whether in verbal or written. This inability makes one feel handicap, frustrated, inferior and unable to cope up in the workplace, justifying hurdles in their career progression.
SHAPES is conducting a three months short term course and a practical training session on  "Communication skills & Personality Development : The key to success & excellence”. Success in business and personal life is determined by one’s personality and ability to communicate effectively with others. The art to interact, converse, negotiate with, and persuade others, is the most highly paid and respected skill one can possess, which is going to be developed through this programme
Learning Outcomes:
·  Speaking, Listening, and Reading Effectively
·  Know Yourself : SWOT Analysis
·  Be more self confident and assertive in their countenance.
·  Understanding your own strengths
·  Listen to clients effectively.
·  Communicate confidently and convincingly to clients.
·  Understand the nuances of good grooming, bearing and demeanor.
·  Realize the power of etiquettes in a civilized society.
·  Understand the dynamics of self esteem and it’s implications on the power of conviction.
·  Develop an understanding of how to cope with negative feelings and stress.
·  Learn the importance of saying “NO”.
·  Understand the dynamics of negotiation and “How” and “Why” of convincing people.
·  Understand the impact of personality on team building.
·  Understand the power of chasing their dreams.
·  Learn to prioritize their work etc.

Training Module/Contents: Three Months, 35 hours Course
s. no
Personality Components
Communication Skills
Break self & tapping subconscious mind
English Communication:  articulation ,accent, voice modulation
Building Attitude &  power of  good habits
Body language & Grooming
Time Management , Goal setting & self-effectiveness
Presentation skills
Motivation –Motivate – Motivating
Listening skills
Problem Solving & Decision making
Assertive skills
Conflict Management &  Ego Management
Interpersonal Relationship & communication –transactional analysis
Emotional Intelligence
Persuasion skills
Leadership management &  Team Building
Negotiation skills
Abstract  & creative thinking – out of box
Public Speaking - How to Get Rid of Nerves
Prioritize Work and then Focus

Self –Esteem &  Power belief

Confidence Stems from Optimism

1. Pre/Post Assessment of Personality & Communication skills
2. Practical Activities during  session
3.  Assignments /projects based  & evaluation 
4.  Video recording during session

Stress Management

Work etiquette
Pedagogy: Inbound & outward bound training which apply to practical work & exposure includes games, stories, experiential exercises & activities. Video recording & practice session and individual attention to every participant.

For Whom: This course will help the students in any educational backgrounds, mangers, business executives to enhance their communication skills & shape their personality effectively. The two competency tools will surely create a difference in the individual’s personal and professional life; it will make one stand out of the crowd; will help one to achieve recognition, respect & cordial interpersonal relationships at workplace and in personal lives too.
Duration of the Course:  35 + hours, for three month (Session will be taken 2.5 to 3 hours & every Sunday, attendance compulsory   for each session)
Venue:  NDIIT, Plot No. 105, MOR Pocket, Kalkaji/Opp. Nehru Place , New Delhi, Delhi, India
Yearly Three Sessions:
v      Session -I(January, February, March) Last day for registration is 31st December
v      Session-II ( May June, July ) , Last day for registration is 30th April   
v      Session-III  (September, October, November ) Last day for registration is 31st August
Course fees:  INR 10,000/-   per person 
v      The fee includes Course Material, Certificate
v      This Course   is non-residential.
Seats Limit :  20-30

Registration Process:

You can directly deposit through internet banking, Cheque/Cash/DD in favor of “Society for Health & Psychology Enabled Services”, payable at New Delhi at nearest Indian Bank AC no: 867987352, IFSC Code: IDIB000J029, MICR Code: 110019041, Bank Address: Jamia Milia Islamia University, Okhla Road, Jamia Nagar, and New Delhi 110025. Send filled Registration Form along with receipt through email ( / as well as postal (courier only)   at our project office address.  After getting the Cheque/ DD/cash, your registration will be confirmed. If you are sending anything in postal (only speed post/ courier), please mail /sms us your postal sending reference no /id immediately at (Examples -The courier tracking no. is Z70933115 of DTDC) 

For More Information You May Contact: 
 Mob.No: +91-8010821440, +91-7838045806
Email: /
Visit us :

Monday, July 16, 2012

Art of Parenting and Child Development Training

Why You Should Attend This Course : Know your Child
Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. The art of parenting helps parents to discipline their child from toddlers to teens. It is a nurturing process which encourages children and adolescents to feel positive about themselves and their surroundings.
This workshop will help parents to discover their child, make childhood a storehouse of happy memories. It offers practical training and guidance for improving communication, building positive relationships, to develop a know how of their child’s developmental milestones and the mastery of the skill age appropriate The goal of parenting is to be a part of the development of the child, enjoy it, nurture them and empower the child to discover his/her own abilities and explore the surroundings.  
Objectives of Workshop:
  1.  Physical Security – the safety of a child's body and life.
  2. Physical Development – age appropriate fulfilling of developmental milestones
  3.  Intellectual Security – providing stimulating environment for the child’s mind to develop                                         through interpretation of his or her surrounding through self exploration.
  4. Intellectual Development – Let the child be and explore, interpret and classify.
  5.  Emotional Security – to help child develop trust, express emotion and develop secure base
  6.  Emotional Development – developing the child's ability to love, care, help, emotional responsiveness
Contents of the workshop
  1.  Know-How’s of New Generation Parenting
  2.  How to Deal With Difficult Children
  3.  Relieving Exam Stress in Children
  4.  Dealing with Negative Emotions
  5.  Good Parenting Values: Consciousness
  6.  Handling Exam Failures of Your Children!
  7.  Managing Attention among Children!
  8.  Strengthen Your Interpretation Skills!
  9.  Let Your Child Develop Their Dream!
  10.  Pacifying Aggressive Children!
  11. Convincing Your Children to Become Better In Life!
  12.  Developing Intelligence in Your Child!
  13.  Dealing with Adolescents
  14.  Know your child? ( developmental milestones, age appropriate skills)
  15.  What are the secrets of parent child relationship, guidance on parenting, behavior issues and problems?
  16.  How to deal your child’s emotional and behavioral problems?
  17.  How to help child develop values and belief system?
  18.  Imparting social skills training. ( Elders, peer, authority)
  19.  How to stimulate and boost Intellectual growth?
  20.  Importance of self concept and self esteem
  21.  How to handle stress, the strength to say “no”, and resisting peer pressure?
  22.  How to inculcate the habit of sharing, expressing, and communicating?
  23.  Evaluation of right and wrong, decision making, weighing pros and cons.
  24.  The concept of meaningful yet restricted freedom, to draw a line.
For whom: Working parents & Non –working parents, single parent, and teachers
Duration: 3 hours (10:00 am to 1:00 pm)   An intractive & activitty based session
Every month first Sunday 
Regisration :

You can directly deposit through internet banking, Cheque/Cash/DD in favor of "Society for health and psychology enabled services, New Delhi” at nearest Indian Bank AC no: 867987352, IFSC Code: IDIB000J029, MICR Code: 110019041, Bank Address: Jamia Milia Islamia University, Okhla Road, Jamia Nagar, and New Delhi 110025. Send filled Registration Form along with receipt through email ( as well as postal at our project office address.  After getting the Cheque/ DD/cash, your registration will be confirmed. Late entry will not be accepted. Intimation about the participation should be sent by E-mail as early as possible.

Registration Fee:  INR 800/- Per Participant  and  Both Parents - INR  -500/-
For Registration Contact:     
Mob. No: +91-8010821440, +91-7838045806        
Email: /
Download Form:  and if you need Registration  Form and Brochure, then you can mail us above email id.